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Cute Kookaburra Best Mates Illustration

Antoher cute design completed for fineartamerica and teepublic. I think these little kookaburras are about to head of for an adveture! I think this illustration would work well for a best friend gift or to wish someone well who is off on adventure of their own. Perhaps if you are looking for a thank you for your best mate, or your mate is about to go on a big holiday  If you would like to look at the products these cute kookaburras are on from finartamerica click here If you prefer teepublic, click here. If you have any suggestions for future illustrations, please comment!

Tina Turner Fan Art Tribute

Tina Turner Portrait in Pop-art Style I was saddened when I heard of Tina Turner’s passing.  What an inspiration and incredible performer. This  portrait of Tina Turner is in funky pop-art style in bold pinks and blues. As a print or canvas, would be a conversation starter and would be a great addition to any room. To see what products you could have this image on,  follow this link. Thanks for having a look at this bold portrait! Funky Portrait of Tina Turner

Medieval Knight Riding a Horse Adult Colouring Page Completed

Medieval Knight riding a Horse with Celtic Knots Adult Coloring Page  Another fun medieval colouring page completed! This fantasy inspired colouring page should provide hours of colouring enjoyment.  This will be included in my next adult colouring book based on medieval and fantasy themes. The medieval knight is perhaps a bit battle weary and is longing for home. There are many Celtic knot patterns on the horse’s saddle and on the corners of the frame. Hopefully this colouring page would provide you with hours of relaxing fun. Please feel free to comment below about what you think of the page and any ideas you may have for future pages!

Billie Holiday Jazz Musician Pop Art

 Billie Holiday (1915-1958) was an influential jazz musician whose vocal style had an innovative influence on jazz music and pop singing. Her vocal style pioneered a new way of manipulating phrasing and tempo, Billie Holiday Portrait This colourful, modern fan art in pop art style is available as a print or on products from Please leave a comment below if you would like a portrait done on another musician.

Mad Medieval King Adult Colouring Page Completed

 Mad King Medieval Colouring Page Mad Medieval Colouring Page I had a lot of fun creating this Medieval Mad King Adult Colouring Page. I produces a few images from Midjourney with the promo of Medieval king Adult Colouring Page, celtic knots, no shading thick lines. As usual, it had problems getting the face/body proportions correct and cannot do Celtic knot work or correct ornate floral borders. Instead of a Celtic knot on this piece, I decided to do an ornate flower border and his throne in the background. His look is quite mad - which is what I love about this drawing. Subscribe here or on Instagram/facebook to keep up to date with my progress.

My Process of creating Viking Princess Colouring Page

Medieval Viking Princess with Axe and Raven  I have just completed this Medieval Adult Coloring Page and I must say she was bit of a challenge, but I am happy with the final result.  What was my process to create her?  I used Midjourney, Procreate and many image references from the internet. At first I got inspiration from Midjourney. I asked it to imagine a medieval princess with a crow and a sword in adult colouring style, thick lines, no shading.  Below is what it produced: Image created by Midjourney I liked the crow, the medieval Princess’s hair, and how the crow was playing with her hair. However, her proportions seemed off and I didn’t like the knife, her pose or the background.  I sent the image to Procreate and copied the raven and used her hair as a reference. I then decided she needed a decent weapon, so a viking axe it became.  I completely re-drew her and gave her a more medieval style background. I searched google for princess dresses, viking axes and medieval backgrounds

Ella Fitzgerald Fan Art

Ella Fitzgerald Fan Art Vibrant portrait of legendary Jazz Singer Ella Fitzgerald in Pop Art Style.  This colourful, modern fan art is available as prints or on products from I created a few images with Midjourney and combined/altered them with Procreate on my iPad Pro. Please leave a comment if you like it or would like another jazz musician portrait. Up to 50% Discount on stretched canvas until 26 May - Use this link to see